20 June 2017

Stinger Magazine 2.0 | What's New?

As you might have seen, Stinger got a little overhaul this week - paired with some downtime. But it is now better than ever with some new functions to it which I'll quickly go over with you all!  

1. Most importantly, the url now allows to share links to separate articles. Such as this: http://www.stingermagazine.com/2017/03/ninja-gaiden-past-to-present.html
This used to be impossible due to some iffy coding issues, which I managed to finally solve!

2. There is now, despite me wishing otherwise, a side-bar. I originally intended to keep the site as clean as possible but eventually found out I really needed some extra space. This side-bar contains...

3. ... the Opinion Style! Here I am free to give more my opinion on matters at hand. A little preview will be in the sidebar kind of like a column in a newspaper. You can also click the button in the main menu to get to the overview.

4. And we finally have a Featured Article set, which will (probably) scroll through some selected articles that I will feature every week. Good for reading the classics or pieces you might've missed.

5. Stinger has a Youtube Channel. Some already know this, but you can go to the Stinger Youtube Channel here! The channel focusses on the Action Hack & Slash genre containing live commentaries, guides and challenge runs; both with and without voice-over.

6. We have a Poll! Everyone likes Polls, right?

7. There is a Forum! Sort of. Click the link in the menu to visit the Stinger forum over on Gamefaqs.com. It's an empty forum that is no longer in use, if you have questions or anything or just want to talk with me or fellow action gamers - go there!

I hope everyone is enjoying their time at Stinger Magazine, reading, talking and just enjoying the genre at large. Cheers!

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