Ninja Gaiden: 30th Anniversary Video

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ninja Gaiden, please enjoy the video-version of the Stinger Magazine article written on the 2004 reboot! Many thanks to the members of the community for providing footage on the games, such as BigAlski, JTB and Bick Benedict.
This was a first for Stinger Magazine and something I really enjoyed doing, even if it did take away a lot of time from writing articles for the site. I hope to find a solid balance in the future.

As a special bonus, I'd like to also include information on the true demise on Iberian's Ninja Gaiden Realm, courtesy of BigAlski.

In response to when asked about Iberian's NGRealm and its demise, the following was said:
"IMO, whether or not it's off topic, it should still be discussed out in the open for people who want to know so they can fully understand what really happened. People should know the truth about IW and how he let everyone down when it didn't have to happen like it did. Since you took the ti…

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