Ninja Gaiden II: Pursuit of Perfection

What do you do when you made, in the eyes of many, the best game in the genre? “You surround yourself with your betters”, said now Executive Producer Tomonobu Itagaki.
Products that combine art, music, interactivity and video on the scale of a game like Ninja Gaiden require a team working in a cohesive direction. One person, often the lead designer, operates as a funnel to keep the crew on the same path while still making sure each individual member feels like they are adding a part of themselves to the product. It isn’t the work of one man to make it or take credit for making the game but for him/her to make sure the team knows how to make it and what they will make.
Thus, together with 97 other great minds like ninjutsu expert Stephen K. Hayes, consultant Andrew Szymanski, producer Yoshifuru Okamoto and directors Katsunori Ehara and Hiroaki Matsui, Itagaki set out to improve on what was done before with a new direction for not only Team Ninja but also Ryu Hayabusa himself with thei…

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